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Reginald Daniel 

So, what's the buzz about Reginald Daniels' marriage? What's the controversy? Why the naysayings?

Come closer, let's talk sense, my friend.

You see eeh, at a point in our individual lives, we all have made horrible decisions that have left us crippled rather than uplifted.

But nobody got to hear about it because no one knows you. That should get you uncomfortable. People that succeed in life are most times, table-shakers, who are not afraid and audacious enough to go against the norm.

#ReginaldDaniels MAY have married a man old enough to be her dad, but that is HER CHOICE. And I think her choice is far more important and comes first than anyone else's.

It has always been so.

#BiancaOjukwu had the same backlash when she made that choice that has shaped her then future which we now see and envy.

#BiancaOjukwu, an epitome of beauty, winner of the most beautiful girl in Nigeria (1988 Pageant), the first African to win Miss Intercontinental, didn't consider Ojukwu too old to be loved.

Disowned and badmouthed, yet, she has gone ahead to become a former Senior Special Assistant to Nigeria’s President handling the Diaspora Affairs portfolio, the country's ambassador to Ghana and even Nigeria's Ambassador to the kingdom of Spain in 2012.

And now Nigeria's permanent representative to the United Nations World Tourism Organization.

Just a scratch of her many accomplishments!

Marrying Ojukwu "helped" to make her not mar her. You should think about those things. Think of the dreams stocked in that pretty girl's head whose manifestations are highly dependent upon marrying the able #NedNwoko.

And what else shall I say to you, my friend?

We are too quick to forget that behind every celebrity is a normal person that have both desires and a mind of their own.


Reginald Daniel and Ned Nwoko


We are so engrossed with their public personas so much that we find it difficult to come to terms with who they really are - like everyone else!

How would you feel when people think that their opinion of you is the best for you? Or when people begin to try to dictate to you who and what you should be?

See eeh, it has always been so!

Someone could have thought that with the fame, wealth and love-inspiring songs of Celine Dion, her husband could only be a son of Rene Angelil.

Who did it turn out to be?

Rene Angelil himself!

You see, it has always been so!

Again and again, we have read, heard and seen young boys of age range 18-24 getting married to folks more than twice their age. Yet, no one casts any stone. We simply observed and let them be.

Why is #ReginaldDaniels' raising so much dust? Why not let this beauty live her life her own way? She has just one of this life just like you. Live yours and let her live hers.

What if #ReginaldDaniels is getting married to #NedNwoko?

So what?

The question we ought to be asking is:
"Is #ReginaldDaniels happy with her marriage-life?"

This is how we know those who truly care about her and her happiness.

Let the naysayers say no more!
Let them that cast stones, cast no more!!
Let #ReginaldDaniels live her life!!!

Let the movie begin......

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