DI-202   IF Splitter 2 out with DC path

DI-202 IF Splitter 2 out with DC path

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CODE 9060076

Splitters for terrestrial and satellite TV, covering all frequencies from 5MHz to 2,300MHz. They distribute all the input signal in equal parts among their outputs. They have a feed path through any of their outputs to the input. The response of the outputs is flat. Available with 2, 3, 4, 6 or 8 outputs.

Individual and collective installations of terrestrial and satellite TV with a star-shaped distribution. They permit power to be fed from a preamplifier or LNB through any of the outputs. In installations with multiswitches, a control voltage can be sent through their outputs.

Protection diodes in all the outputs. Shielded zamak chassis and metal plate. Zamak F-type connectors which form part of splitter chassis.

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