FP-223   Tap-off IF 2 out 23dB flat

FP-223 Tap-off IF 2 out 23dB flat

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Tap-offs for terrestrial and satellite TV with two tap outputs which cover the 5 to 2,400 MHz frequencies. They distribute part of the input signal to their tap outputs and the main part of the signal continues to the output. The response of the tap outputs is flat, without equalisation. Available in different tap-off attenuation values.

SMATV installations with a tree-shaped distribution. The tree-shaped distribution reduces the number of distribution elements, and reduces the metres of coaxial cable to be installed, even though the headend to outlet distances remain constant.

Voltage blockage in the tap-offs. Shielded zamak chassis and metal plate. Connectors on the lower part to facilitate the connections. Reduced dimensions. Fits in a 100x100 mm box.

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