BC-200 Terminal Attenuation 10 dB

BC-200 Terminal Attenuation 10 dB

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Outlets for terrestrial TV with two IEC male and female connectors. Radio and TV outputs separated by filters. Designed for use in cable TV networks. They cover frequencies between 5 and 1000 MHz.

Cable TV networks requiring the filtering of radio and TV signals at the outlet base. Installation as a terminal outlet connected to a tap-off or splitter or as outlets in series connected to each other. The outlet base facilitates the connection of the TV to the distribution and loads the distribution when the TV is not connected.

Voltage blockage in the output connectors with a 2 KV insulation. Shielded zamak and metal plate chassis. Connection of the coaxial cable by means of screw terminal. Fits in a Ø60 mm box.

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