AI-231  Indoor AMPLIFIER 2 outputs

AI-231 Indoor AMPLIFIER 2 outputs

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CODE 9040130


Broadband apartment amplifier for terrestrial TV, with built-in power supply unit. It amplifies the VHF, UHF and interband bands continuously and includes a passive return path. It has a gain control, slope control and two outputs, one derived.

Designed appropriate as an apartment amplifier in cable TV networks or in community installations where the interband bands and return path are used. It amplifies the TV signal so a new distribution can be made from the signal of one TV outlet or from the coaxial cable entering the house.

Made from ABS plastic, with an internal zamak chassis which gives maximum shielding. The power supply unit is insulated from the rest of the high frequency circuit. Fixed to the wall by means of the supplied screws and wall-plugs. F type connectors.

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