MB-112 5X8 Final Switch, EU PSU

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CODE 9130188

Final multiswitches for 4 polarities and terrestrial TV with 8 outputs. The outputs are amplified in the satellite IF band. In the terrestrial band they can be configured to function in either active or passive mode. Need to be powered from each individual receiver so that the switching and the amplification of each derived output will function correctly. The external power supply units provide the required voltage to the LNBs for them to function properly.

Medium-sized collective satellite and terrestrial TV installations. Installed individually, they can distribute to as many as 8 TV outlets. When combined with cascadable multiswitches, it is possible to distribute to 16 outlets on a single line.

Shielded metal chassis with plastic supports. F-type connectors. Power supply connector is a 9.5 x 2.1 mm jack to feed the LNBs. Power supply with European plug.

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