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967 Module 2-wire push button

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Module for iBLACK pushbutton panel window. The GRF-302 audio unit and the RVE-014 loudspeaker module are included.


967 Module 2-wire push button:
Audio unit module 2-wire system. In this system, the audio unit is a separate module from the loudspeaker and the microphone. This allows locating the device in the bottom of the flush-mounted box of the entrance panel, thus protecting the most important electronics of the system. To be used in building (Interior) entrance panels.

9770035 RVE-014 Description
Module with loudspeaker and microphone for entrance panel. It has an 8 ohm speaker with plastic membrane to prevent deterioration over time in outdoor conditions. Also, the robustness of the electret-type microphone against humidity and heat make this module a virtually indestructible assembly. 

Entrance panel
Modular entrance panel system consisting of pushbutton modules with a smoothly contoured exterior. These modules incorporate either one or two windows to house different upper modules, e.g. module with audio unit, module with video unit, etc.

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