ME-214 Multiplexer 2 inputs, TV-SAT

ME-214 Multiplexer 2 inputs, TV-SAT

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 MODEL ME-214 


CODE 9020015 


2 Inputs, FM/TV-SAT

Multiplexer that combines the terrestrial TV and FM radio signals with the satellite IF signal from the LNB. The resulting signal is distributed by a single coaxial cable. It can be also used as a separator for terrestrial TV and satellite IF signals coming from a single cable.

Satellite and terrestrial TV installations of collective type. It is used to combine the signals after amplifying at the head of the installation, or it is used as a separator to distribute terrestrial and satellite TV signals to different points.

Shielded zamak chassis and type F connectors. DC Path to the SAT input to power and switch the LNB.

9120039 CM-004 F male connector for coaxial Ø6.6 mm. 9080023 MC-302 F male connector for coaxial Ø7.0 mm.

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