CA-310 Amplifier 3 Way RF

CA-310 Amplifier 3 Way RF

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Modulator BIII, standard BG/DK/I

RF modulator with mono audio, which generates an analogue satellite TV channel from the audio and video signals. The generated channel is mixed with the rest of the channels of the satellite TV installation. Available in different bands, with different standards and channel tables.

It modulates the audio and video signal of a satellite dish, DVD, video or surveillance camera, in order to distribute it in the TV installation of the house. The audio and video signals are obtained from the scart connector of the video.

The output channel can be selected by means of switches. Essential features of this equipment are the high carrier to noise ratio together with a very reduced spurious level in the band. Modulation in DSB double side band. F type connector and RCA connector for audio/ video.

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