FU-612 Power Supply unit

FU-612 Power Supply unit

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Power Supply unit, 18 Vdc/2000 mA (8 LNB of 250 mA), for multiswitch

Power sources feeding LNBs, amplifiers and active multiswitches to obtain the total necessary current for all the elements of the installation, including the LNBs.

Model FU-612 is used for installations with final and cascadable multiswitches and to supply power to the LNBs. The number of LNBs which can be powered varies, depending on the consumption of the LNBs (2.000mA = 8 LNB x 250mA/LNB). Model FU-513 is used for installations in cascade, and to supply power to amplifiers and active multiswitches.

Switched power sources protected against power surges and short circuits. They include a fuse which the installer can access. Power supply cables are provided for connection to the network and to the multiswitch or amplifier. Power supply jack connector, 9.5mm 2.1mm

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