PF-620 Satellite dish 100 cm

PF-620 Satellite dish 100 cm

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 MODEL PF-620 
 SERIE 912
CODE 9120216


Satellite dish 100 cm, electro zinc plated steel with polyester coating

Offset type parabolic antenna with high gain and efficiency. The assembly of the antenna is simple, once installed it is very robust and assures great orientation stability. The packaging includes fittings which avoid damage to the dish during transportation.

Suitable for satellite TV installations, collective or individual. The antenna is available in three sizes: 100 x 95 cm for collective installations; 85 x 80 cm and 65 x 60 cm for individual installations.

Robust antenna with great resistance to sun and saltpetre. The dish is made from epoxy covered galvanised steel and the accessories are of galvanised iron.

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