BS-112 Terminal, attenuation 1 dB

BS-112 Terminal, attenuation 1 dB

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MODEL BS-112   


CODE 9070073

Outlets for terrestrial and satellite TV with two IEC male and female connectors (except for the BS-100 outlet). They cover frequencies up to 2,400 MHz. They have a DC path from one of their outputs to the input and from the through output in the intermediate outlets to the input.

Individual or SMATV installations. Installation as a terminal outlet connected to a tap-off or splitter, or as outlets in series connected to each other. They permit the feeding of a preamplifier or of an LNB through the output. A control voltage can be used in installations with multiswitches.

Shielded zamak and metal plate chassis. Connection of the coaxial cable by means of screw terminal. Fits in a Ø60 mm box.

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